Youth Leadership-Bridge To College

Youth Leadership- Bridge To College Program

The Youth Leadership- Bridge to College Program- YLBTCP is an innovative solution to equip high school juniors and seniors with invaluable 21st century skills that will allow them to change themselves and the world through service. Using an evidence based curriculum, the YLBTCP extends learning opportunities to the youth by providing various seminars and activities that are focused on leadership & life skills, diversity education, job readiness, college access education, educational and career goal setting, strategic planning as well as empowering them to make a difference in their communities. Throughout the course of eleven weeks, youth participants are exposed to various learning opportunities ranging from: resume building, personal branding, social media etiquette, identity and socialization, history and culture, social justice, community action, leadership, public speaking and college preparation.

Who may apply?
High School Students. 11th & 12th grades
College freshmen

Deadline to Apply: February 28th, 2020

When do classes begin?
First session will begin on Friday March 6th, 2020.  Classes are offered once a week, every Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will run until Friday May 15th, 2020. [Total of 11 sessions].

Where is the program offered?
The program is offered at the LAHC Offices located at: 5275 Kenilworth St. Dearborn.

Is there a charge/fee to attend the program?
The program costs $499 per student, however LAHC sponsors this tuition in full. Hence, the $499 fee has been waved to all students.
There is, however a $20 non-refundable registration fee that students must pay.

Youth Leadership- Bridge to College Program

Youth Leadership-Bridge to College Program Application:
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  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    $20.00 Non- Refundable Registration Fee. Please input the number (1) in the Quantity Box above
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  • This section to be filled by parents or legal guardian ONLY if participant is under the age of 18.!

    Registration Agreement: I, the undersigned, hereby authorize my (son, daughter) whose name listed above, to participate in the LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities' Youth Leadership-Bridge to College Program. I also give him/her permission to participate in any field trips such as College Campus Tour and/or any outside visits pertaining directly to the fulfillment of the program. In enrolling at LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities, participant understands that he/she is attending the program and using LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities and the facilities does so at his/her own risk. LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities and its owners, employees, board of directors or agents, shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by participant with his/her family in or about any programs on the premises. Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur in or about any programs on the premises, He/She does hereby fully and forever release discharged hold harmless LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities, all associated facilities and its owner, employees, board of directors and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from any person’s participation in any programs or use of the facility. In addition, he/she agree(s) to follow the rules of conduct and play set by LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities. Failure to do so may result in suspension from participation. Consent: I the undersigned parent or guardian/participant do hereby grant authority to the staff at LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities to render a judgement concerning medical assistance or hospital care in the event of an accident or illness during my absence. I do hereby authorize LAHC- Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities and its assigns to utilize any and all photographs, pictures or other likeness of me or anyone assigned guardianship to me, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials or team films. By entering your name below, you consent to sign the application and give your approval. Please fill in all the fields below.