About Us

LAHC-Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities

Founded in 1982, LAHC – Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities began as an athletic organization in Dearborn, Michigan to provide members of the community with an outlet to connect and enjoy soccer. As Dearborn’s population increased in the 1980s, it became home to the largest concentrated population of Arab Americans in the United States. The founding members of LAHC realized the need to expand the organization’s programs to adequately respond and address those growing needs. Since its inception, LAHC has continued to grow and develop initiatives that have expanded to serve members of the community through diverse programs and initiatives that serve children, youth, seniors and families regardless of race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender, country of origin and sexual orientation. LAHC currently serves nearly 56,000 individuals annually.

LAHC’s programming is multifaceted –using a holistic approach to serve community members, we provide youth development programs, scholarship opportunities, mental health services, development disabilities and autism  services, nutritional education expertise and leadership, exercise and parenting programs that are tailored for women and girls, digital literacy classes, financial literacy classes, substance use disorder prevention, juvenile justice and reform, and place-based partnerships. LAHC is also a community resource for access to educational programs, workforce development opportunities, ESL classes, housing assistance and food distributions. Importantly, LAHC is a partner to other organizations, serving as a champion and advocate for immigrants, people who are Middle Eastern and North African (MENA), Spanish-speaking people and people affected by systemic racism, xenophobia, and/or generational poverty.