Our Roots

Founded in 1982, LAHC-Leaders Advancing & Helping Communities, formerly known as Lebanese American Heritage Club, began as an athletic organization in Dearborn, Michigan and an outlet for community members to connect and enjoy soccer. As Dearborn’s population grew, the founding members of LAHC began to discuss the necessity of developing programs and services that would meet those needs, with a mission and vision of empowering individuals, families and communities.

As LAHC moved through this shift in focus from social activities to social services, its leaders engaged the greater community in projects to provide youth with support and scholarships to pursue and excel in their academic endeavors. Over time, this foundation of youth development and education, along with the vision and strategic thinking of its leaders, allowed the organization to expand its impact of supporting youth by also supporting their parents, families, and communities. With this intention firmly guiding its path, LAHC has continued to grow, becoming a multi-service organization with leveraged funding, community resources and collaborative partnerships.

Today, LAHC proudly serves over 45,000 individuals annually through its continuum of Youth Development and Education, Substance Abuse Prevention, Nutrition and Physical Fitness Education, Housing and Social Services programs. All these programs are provided regardless of an individual’s race, religion, age, ethnicity, gender, country of origin or sexual orientation.