Parent Engagement


About Parental Pathways

A behaviorally orientated supplemental program for parents aimed at teaching effective ways to improve their child’s skills and promote optimal development and independence. Lessons include functional communication training and antecedent-based strategies to address challenging behaviors and/or support generalization and maintenance of the program’s weekly objectives. These workshops also serve to promote partnerships between parents and community providers to advise and support work and encourage continuous positive communication.

Social & Communication Skills

Leisure Enrichment Series

Foundational Life Skills Series

Personal Safety Series

These workshops will provide parents with evidence-based strategies to apply at home in order to develop their child’s social and communicative capabilities. Some of the key themes will include coping skills, personal safety, and friendship development. All of which will be structured around social inclusion and aptitude promotion.

These workshops will provide parents with leisure knowledge and recreational intervention strategies to implement at home in order to enhance their child’s ability to partake in extracurricular and community activities. Hence, expanding the child’s hobbies and interests which will foster their identity development and sense of belonging.

These workshops will provide actionable tips and strategies that parents can begin to employ at home in regard to their child’s organization, task initiation, money, and time management skills. Participants will be provided with concrete interventions to implement for each of these critical executive functions in order to aid in their child’s community integration and overall independence.

These workshops will provide parents with valuable strategies and action steps they can take to keep their child safe while simultaneously enhancing their ability to navigate the digital world safely, respond effectively in emergency situations, recognize potential threats, and engage in community activities with an increased sense of self-awareness.

What To Expect When You Join Us!

· Light Refreshments

· Interactive Games & Lessons

· Informational Videos & Handouts


LAHC will provide the dates and times of these workshops pending your child’s admission into our program.