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Whether you wish to volunteer to gain experience, receive credit for your school or university or simply to show pride in your community, you have made the right decision! Rest assured by doing so, you are touching a human life by helping those who are in desperate need.
Volunteers play an integral role by helping us achieve the mission we took upon and better serve our clients.
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  • I hereby certify that by typing my name above is a representation of my electronic signature. I hereby confirm and give permission for my child named above to volunteer with the LAHC-Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities ("LAHC"). I understand that my child will be working on various projects with other volunteers at the LAHC offices and /or outside the office at various places such as and not limited to other community organizations sites, streets, neighborhoods… under the supervision of the LAHC staff or trained lead volunteer. I will make arrangements for my child to be picked up by closing time at the end of their shifts and recognize The LAHC is not responsible for minors left after closing. I also understand that the volunteers will be chaperoned/supervised while en route, participating and during schedule time, and that normal precautions will be taken in their interest for safety and well-being. I I hereby agree to release The LAHC-Leaders Advancing and Helping Communities and its board of directors/ members, employees, volunteers and sponsors (collectively, the “Indemnities”) and to indemnify and hold the indemnities harmless from all actions, claims, liability, and expenses, whether known or unknown, present or future (and expressly including (1) actions brought or claims made by the child named above after reaching the age of majority, and (2) actions or claims for damages caused in whole or in part by the negligence or gross negligence of the indemnities relating to or arising from or connected in any manner with the child’s participation in any volunteering activities with the LAHC. In case of emergency, I give my approval and authorization for first-aid treatment and any medical treatment by local physicians and/or hospital including surgical procedures. I agree to accept responsibility for payment of all charges incurred during this medical treatment.