Substance Use Prevention and A.C.T. Coalition

The LAHC Substance Abuse Prevention Program promotes positive development of youth and families to build healthy, safe and successful lives free of substance abuse. The program employs three evidence based curricula: “Life Skills, “Nurturing Parenting,”  and  “Gambling Prevention.” 

Substance Use Prevention Program Goals:


  • To reduce the prevalence of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use.
  • To provide bilingual and culturally sensitive family-based prevention programs to enhance parenting skills training, communication, and family rules regarding substance abuse
  • To increase awareness among parents and families about the appropriate use of opioid pain medications.
  • To encourage the safe and consistent collection and disposal of unused prescription drugs.
  • To increase access to mental health and substance abuse treatment resources while breaking the surrounding social stigma.
  • To conduct alcohol and tobacco education/compliance checks to local retailers and ensure compliance with the Youth Tobacco Act.
  • To collaborate and build effective partnerships with community partners to encourage prevention efforts in the community


  • To increase awareness though school-linked/ evidence based strategies.
  • To educate about the consequences of substance use, risks, and protective factors associated with substance abuse behavior.
  • To equip with the necessary skills to develop personal, interpersonal, and drug resistance skills.
  • To break down perceived barriers and increase the willingness to seek help .

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A.C.T. Drug Free Community Coalition

The mission of A.C.T Drug Free Community Coalition is to prevent and reduce substance use among youth through community partnerships.

Any of our programs affiliated with the A.C.T. Coalition will have the A.C.T. logo next to the title. For more information and to stay connected with this coalition, like and follow our social media pages:

LAHC Gambling Prevention Program

LAHC’s Gambling Prevention Program aims to increase awareness about, prevent, and reduce gambling behavior among youth. This is achieved through social media awareness, panels, coffee chats, and the Stacked Deck evidence-based curriculum. Topics covered include: online gambling, lottery, sports betting, warning signs, consequences of gambling, co-occurring disorders, risk factors, and discussing the true odds of gambling. The Gambling Prevention Program also provides resources to the community specifically towards those struggling with or know someone who is struggling with gambling disorder as well.
  • An evidence based, school-based curriculum for the prevention of problem gambling among teens and young adults.
  • Composed of 5 to 6 sessions that develop an essential knowledge and key skills to avoid gambling addiction.
  • Strong focus on teaching decision making and problem solving.
  • Fun & engaging – Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy

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