Educational Programs

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Arab American Scholarship Foundation Program

The LAHC is proud and privileged to be recognized as a leading advocate of higher education and to have the distinction of being the largest Scholarship assistance program in the area. Over the past twenty Six years, the AASF program has awarded over 1,200 students of high academic distinction over $1.3 million dollars in scholarships. Being aware of the importance and necessity of higher education, and the hardships and obstacles students are facing due to exorbitant tuition levels, the LAHC has established the AASF to encourage and help these young achievers to pursue their academic dreams. The mission of this program is to provide scholarships to deserving and underprivileged students who possess the skills and desire to seek higher education; including high school graduates, college undergraduates and graduate students. Click Here to apply

Health Education

The Healthy Living Program is focused on empowering children in underprivileged communities to take control of their own health at the earliest age possible. Through a combination of cooking and fitness classes, children learn hands-on about the nutritional content of food and how diet directly impacts their health. Also, children are taught about the critical connection between diet, fitness, and school performance. Participants of this program will learn how to identify certain foods that have been scientifically shown to improve memory, learning, mood and behavior. School interested in this program, Click Here to apply

After School Tutoring & Mentoring

The LAHC understands the importance of additional academic assistance for youth intending to be successful students with high grades. Therefore, we have established a tutoring and mentorship program, to provide the youth of our community with a positive after school environment, enriched with intellectual growth and moral support. Youth participants work with university students and degree holding young adults, to obtain additional assistance and resources needed to gain knowledge and understanding on a wide range of subjects. Through tutoring, social and educational activities, participants of the program will be able to improve on areas of weaknesses, prepare for their future careers, as well as build a greater level of self-confidence. Click Here to apply